Monday, May 18, 2009

Zoo trip

Our family went to the Milwaukee County Zoo. It was a breezy day so I was glad the girls had coats on but at times wished we had warmer hats, even mittens.
The zoo was a different experience for M, who was excited to see the animals. The one animal she wanted to see was the elephants. Unfortunately, they were located on the opposite end of the zoo! So we journey on through the zoo to get to them.
We saw: a baby orangutan. Aw! And a couple other baby monkey that were so cute and funny. The aquarium was a big hit! No penguins on the trip. Bummer! Bears asleep. Polar bears were out but not in the water.
When we got to the elephants, it was a huge relief! By that time, M been well over wanting to be in the stroller, which was OK but it was hard to keep her with us because she wanted to run off or breeze through the exhibits. Sigh. Makes us wonder if Chicago will be like this! I truly hope not! At one point, she got a time out in the stroller and had to sit there for a while. But we made it to the elephants, who were eating hay. It was cool to watch! We saw the giraffe's as well, including a younger one. Then we went to the lion, which turned out real cool! He was sitting down when we got there, in this large glass enclosure. After a couple minutes, we decided to move on. As we started to walk away, the lion got up and started pacing in front of the window. So we went back so the girls could stand right by the window. M, fearless and brave, would stick her hand against the glass whenever the lion walked by, like she wanted to pet him. :)
The last cool thing was the hippos, all black and shiny, they waddled from their indoor enclosure to the outside pool. One drank from the water while another went into the water. I'd never seen one in water so this was a cool sight. It would go down and then surface, blowing water, and then go back in. It was neat.
It was a nice trip to the zoo. And now we have a family membership pass (thanks A&E!), which we discovered we can use at our local zoo! Now to figure out what to do with M to keep her close to us, especially when we are in such busy public places. C was saying he didn't think much about those kid leashes but the idea of one seemed appealing after the zoo trip!

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