Tuesday, May 19, 2009

They're in!

The tomato plants are in their containers!!
We are using empty cat litter containers for the pots. Nothing fancy but I look at it as a way to RRR. And it's economical too because we have a ton of them in the basement, thanks to three cats!
They are not 5-gallon containers, as many Web sites recommended, but I am hoping 4-gallon will suffice. Again, I was thinking RRR. I still need to get some stakes or other kind of support for when the plants grow bigger.
The containers contain: a small piece of landscape fabric , mostly so that the patio is not covered with dirt when water seeps out of the holes C drilled into the bottom of the containers; egg shells, which someone recommended to help provide the soil with the calcium needed to prevent some rot bottom something on the ends of the tomatoes (we'll see if it works); top soil, which I filled in nearly halfway; Miracle Grow potting soil; the tomato plant; and then a sprinkling of another kind of potting soil, mostly to add more dirt to the containers because I honestly didn't know how much dirt to put in the containers!
So we'll see what happens! I watered them down and the containers are sitting on the back patio to get the full sun.
As for the oregano plant, that went into a hanging planter that I found in the garage (left by our previous green thumb homeowner). I've hung it in back among one of the beds. That planter includes potting soil and the plant. I have to get more Miracle Grow potting soil, which I will add to the planter.
Also today, I received with my Kraft Food and Family magazine a seed paper that, when planted and cared for, will yield a head of lettuce! Bonus! Now maybe I will have a home-grown salad to enjoy! Yummy!
In case you don't know what seed paper is: it is special paper with seeds embedded. So you just rip the baby up a little, put it in a thin layer of soil and you should have a plant. Pretty cool because the paper is biodegradable so there is no need for fancy packaging.
What is even cooler was on Earth Day we planted some flower seeds in an egg carton. We didn't plant them in time but ultimately we could have planted the seedlings, paper egg carton and all, into the ground!
I also found my seed paper from Kashi, which when planted and cared for will yield basil and thyme. I actually got that a year or two ago but, what the heck, I'll throw it in some dirt and see what happens. Maybe something will come up and I will be on my way to making a super easy and yummy bruschetta as well! My mouth is watering at the thought of it!
So probably needless to say, I am sore from all my gardening work. Back, fingers, toes, knees and probably other parts that I will discover come morning. Because, in addition to planing the tomatoes and oregano (I have to plant the seed paper later because I ran out of Miracle Grow potting soil), I decided to do some much needed weeding.
I don't know if I've said it already but I am not a green thumb, so it is with much bravery that I decided to tackle tomatoes and herbs. But when it comes to weeding, I honestly don't know what is a weed and what isn't. I do know dandelions and prickers but other than that, what is it?? So I think 80 percent of what I pulled today was a weed. Maybe it's more than that but I don't have much confidence in myself.
I still have much more weeding to do: a small corner in the bed by the walkway and most of the bed in the back with the pond. Maybe we'll get some rain tonight and then it will be a little easier to pull stuff out in the next day or two.

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