Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here they are!

I picked up a La Roma tomato plant at the garden center yesterday.
I haven't planted them yet because we are going to get strong thunderstorms today and tonight and I haven't put them in containers yet.
I also picked up an oregano plant. I saw the herb plants and I felt compelled to pick one up. Plus the price was just right for both plants!
La Roma, I felt, would be suitable for a container. Those are relatively small and I prefer them. And oregano was the best option out of the bunch. I can't even remember what the other herbs were but nothing that appealing or useful to me. I would have liked spearmint, just for the smell, but I recall from an interview I did of an herbalist that mints tend to take over everything. Plus, what does one do with spearmint?
Tomato and oregano go hand in hand for Italian and Mexican dishes.
So, now it's time to get these babies into containers. We've got some cat litter containers that I might use, although I just saw that they hold four gallons and some of the Web sites I visited recommended 5 gallon. And I'll need C to drill some holes into them first. Later I might get some spray paint so the girls and I can decorate the containers.

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