Sunday, December 14, 2008

Across the aisle

Every year, our church has a Christmas Children's program. Basically, the children's ministry leads the first half of church. The event includes many songs by all the kids, ages three and up.
This is S's second year and she aways as a blast!
Of course, parents dress their kids in their holiday clothes. Last year, I found a dress for S but when it came time to try it on, we discovered she'd out-grown it.
So off to the store I went Saturday morning before the program rehearsals. In the afternoon, S tried on the new dress and it was also too small! I went back to the store to return it and find something else. I found one option there but decided to check out Kohl's. There they had a selection of 2T-4T sizes. Since she apparently had grown out of 4T, I had to find a 5T, which Kohl's did not have. So I searched for the next size, which took me across the aisle, into the girls sizes!! My baby is no longer a toddler but a GIRL! She still wears 4T but she is clearly on the way to bigger sizes. I don't know if I am ready for girls fashions.

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