Wednesday, December 17, 2008

P&G Bonus coupn book

I was surprised to learn how many P&G (Procter and Gamble) products I purchase for our family.
Prior to a couple days ago, I didn't really give it a thought as to what company makes our products.
But last week P&G announced that if you purchase $50 worth of products, you can get a coupon book with $120 worth of P&G coupons.
For more information, check out
So I figured, why not? Well, in the last two days, I have completed that goal with little effort. I did not realize the things I put in my shopping cart are P&G products. After glancing at their list of products, I was amazed at the things I purchased in two days alone. I did make it a point to buy a few P&G products, given a recent P&G Savings Insert in the Sunday paper. But I never imagined that I'd already accomplish the $50 goal in a short amount of time.
Pretty cool! Now I can send in the required information and await my coupon book.

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