Friday, December 5, 2008

Patriot Preschool--Week 2

S completed her second week at Patriot Preschool.
She absolutely loves it. The student teachers are great with her. I can see they enjoy the 50 minutes they have with S and the other students.
This week they covered topics like the Four Seasons and Safari Animals. Last week they made crowns for a Prince/Princess theme. They got to bring their crowns home this week so it was cute to see the kids walking down the hall wearing Burger King crowns decorated with beads, ribbons, foil and more.
The class activities consist of making a name tag, songs or rhymes or stories, a snack, a craft and they get homework to take home.
At the end of the four weeks they will have a graduation for the kids.
But, despite graduating, S can join PP next spring and up until she goes to K.
If our schedule continues to allow, I plan to keep her in the program, and get M involved when she is of age.
I think this is a wonderful program, for the kids and the student teachers.
On another schooling note, I continue to home school with S. We wrapped up N this week, with the themes of numbers and newspaper. She did a lot of number related worksheets. I also let her help put together the magnetic calendar. As for newspaper, we talked about newspapers and read a few newspaper related books: Extra! Extra! Fairytale News from Hidden Forest and Fairytale News. S enjoyed the books, especially Fairytale News, which came with a copy of the newspaper about fairytale news. She wanted to read it cover to cover!
Next week we venture into O and Outer Space. I plan to find video footage of shuttle launches. I can't wait!

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