Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Little Mommy

One of M's birthday gift was a baby doll and a bag of accessories (bottle, boxes of "rice cereal," "lotion" bottles and the like).
I am amazed at how suddenly she has turned into a little mommy. Yes, we have an assortment of baby dolls and M has played with them. But yesterday she added more to her role playing. For instance, M put her new baby doll in her (M's) crib for a nap.
And she took another baby doll and put it in her (M's) high chair at the dinner table. She then set up the boxes of food, the little food jar, the bottles and all the other accessories in front of the baby doll. She even put a couple bibs on the baby! She insisted that I feed the baby the rice cereal, even though I told M she needed her high chair back to eat lunch.

Also during her playtime yesterday M took the dress up dolls and wanted to put diapers on them. I saw her in the hallway with a diaper in one hand and the dress up doll in the other. M
went into her room, put the doll on the floor and opened the diaper. Then she got the diaper ointment to put on the doll. I saved the doll from that task but it took four diapers, and sister's help, to get a diaper on a doll.

Tonight, M did the same thing as yesterday: baby doll in the high chair, accessories laid out on the table. She even gave the dolls construction paper, maybe thinking they could color or something.

But she added a new part that made C and I look at each other, thinking, wow, she gets it!

M prayed. She sat in sister's chair and did a little prayer! Thanks to M, we pray at mealtimes. She is a little prayer warrior, but she hasn't lead a prayer. But tonight, with her doll, she said something along the lines of "Jesus. Yummy food. Amen." It was so gosh darn cute.

During our family prayer time before the girls go to bed, C asked M if she wanted to pray. She took out her Prayer Bear book and did a similar prayer to the one at the dinner table. WOW! She is so smart. So amazing! What a blessing.

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