Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New baking tool

I have a new baking buddy....besides S, who is eager to help, from unwrapping countless Hershey kisses to adding ingredients to the mixing bowl.
I used parchment paper for the first time today and my chocolate chip cookies turned out AWESOME!!! The best cookies, ever, in my humble opinion.
I've never used parchment paper. In fact, I was pretty old school when it came to mixing cookie and other baking batters/doughs. I mixed all by hand. Rarely ever used a hand mixer.
But a couple years ago, my loving husband bought be a stand mixer and I discovered a whole new, easier, way to mix up yummy treats! Of course I really only use it for cookies and the like but I'll discover other ways to use it.
And now, I've got parchment paper to add to my baking supplies. Really I was shocked. Why I bought it in the first place, I don't know. Maybe I saw that it could be used in baking. But I think I was skeptical for a while. Then I decided to just get some on a whim. So, after all the baking I've already done, I finally pulled it out and wow! So cool! What can I bake next? Not that we need anything else for a long time. We are pretty set!

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