Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dental appointment

Yesterday S visited the dentist for a cleaning. She did a super job, especially for being in a room by herself.
She wore her special sunglasses to protect her eyes from the overhead light.
The hygienist said that S did a great job throughout, even during her first ever fluoride treatment.
Thankfully, for little kids they do not use the trays with fluoride stuff in them. I gag just thinking about those trays and having to sit for a long time with those in my mouth. I do recall, though, that my childhood dentist had those hand-held water toys, where you had to push the button to do things like get the balls through the basket or make things spin. Remember those? I wish I knew what they are called. I think I recall a parent magazine doing a blip on them a year or two ago. I had considered getting one for S. I'll have to look them up.
Anyway.....instead of those trays, the hygienist rubbed the fluoride solution onto S's teeth with a Q-tip.
Now she has a brighter smile.

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td99 said...

I don't know what they call those but my dentist had them too. That and the nice poster of the hippo that said "Open wide!" on the ceiling. My husband still has one with little orange balls that go through a basketball hoop. The seal must be cracked because it leaks a little.