Monday, December 8, 2008

Bell ringing

Today the girls and I rang bells for the Salvation Army. We were joined by a couple other families from our preschool co-op.
It was a good the beginning. Then, about a half hour in, S got tired of ringing the bells. And from there she was essentially done. She was tired and didn't want to get up and dance and ring the bells. That became trying. M, on the other hand, was essentially fine. Praise Him that she stayed in the grocery cart the whole time! I gave her books, both girls got snacks and our friend Amy supplied all the kids with cookie pops.
So despite S's mood, we stayed the whole 2 hours. We collected a lot of donations, although I didn't bother to take a tally of how much. Truthfully it helps to have the kids. People like seeing them ringing the bells. And, as many have told us, they are too gosh darn cute to pass by. And I know that many appreciate that we give of our time.
I am glad we stayed. I know S understands that we are helping to raise money for families in need. We talk about it all the time. How the money will help people get food or toys, even help with programs so people can have housing or heat for their home. And I think this service is good for the experience that we can help so many by giving a little of our time.
So even though S became bored, I still plan on us doing this next year and the year after and the year after. Maybe we'll have to learn more Christmas songs and practice a dance routine. She had a bell dance going in the beginning but maybe she needs to pace herself more.

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