Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No Snow Bunny

The area got hit with a whopper of a storm. It was enough to cause the area school districts, even Appleton, to close!
As the snow fell, we stayed cozy and warm indoors. Honestly, I am not a snow bunny. I like the snow enough. I'll go out and play a little, walk in it, sled. I'd even cross country ski, if I had them.
But given the opportunity, I'd rather stay indoors where it is warm.
That's what I decided to do today. The girls got to watch some television, played games like indoor bowling and had a relaxing, no-rush day. I got a chance to get caught up on a few odds and ends. A good day in my book.
I'm sure the girls would have liked to have been outdoors. For a little bit at least.
It is a little hard to go out with M. Like many little ones, it is hard for her to maneuver around in the snow while all bundled up. And with the six or more inches we got, I can only imagine the "joyous" time we would have had. I don't think we would have lasted long outside.
The last time we got a lot of snow, we ventured out, all bundled up but poor M struggled to walk through the snow and, when some got on her gloved hand, she wanted a towel to wipe it off. Then she cried to be picked up. It was quite the workout, both of us all bundled, to hold and walk around with her.
S, on the other hand, has gotten much better playing in the snow. With that last big snowfall, she had no problems walking and running in the snow. She did not hesitate to roll a snowball, build a snow bear or lay on the ground to make a snow angel. I am sure she would have enjoyed the snow this time around as well.
Anyway, the snow was falling and blowing all morning so by the time it got decent enough to get outside, we were eating lunch, with homeschooling and naps on the afternoon agenda.
Tomorrow promises to be a clear day so I think we'll play outside when we return from preschool. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the warmth!

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