Monday, December 15, 2008

Speaking of preschool

This is S's last week at preschool. The next two days will be normal school days but on Friday they are having a graduation ceremony complete with a slide show of what they did over the last four weeks.
S really loves preschool! I am glad we were able to participate this semester. My hope is to get her involved next semester, which, we've been told, will be a longer class (basically two periods).
But we will see what our schedule permits. Right now I am hoping to find an activity or two for M for this winter. S will still be in ballet and will possibly do a weekend art class in February but we need something for M. Maybe swimming at the Y, although I cringe at the thought of being in a bathing suit! Yikes! But it's not for would be for her.
Also, the Family Resource Center announced its winter schedule so I think we might do a Monday play group. And I believe our parks and recreation department is offering a tumbling class so I'll maybe look into that.
With those options, we are bound to find something for M.

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