Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another awesome cake!

Our friend Cat created another wonderful creation! She made Blue's Clues for M's second birthday! It was so adorable and tasty! Thank you, Cat! M loved it!
Speaking of the party, M had a fun time with her friends. The theme was Blue's Clues. I had a couple games, although they were not really necessary for 1 and 2-year-olds. The older kids enjoyed them more, especially the Find the Pawprint game. The younger kids were all about playing with the toys.

Pizza was a hit. The kids were cute, all sitting at the kiddie table, eating and talking.

M tore into all her gifts. She got a doll with accessories; Color Wonder book, coloring book and triangular crayons (so they don't roll!!); a Noisy Farm book with little animals you squeeze to hear their animal sounds; a toy ice cream kit that uses magnets to let the kids stack ice cream scoops on the cones; and a dress up set with tiara, boa and high heel shoes.

She had fun and now she can say she is 2. Today was her first day in the 2-year-old room and she was like a fish in water there. No crying, which is awesome! Such a big girl!

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