Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter Break

Today is the start of our homeschooling winter break.
To be honest, I had forgotten about that we had scheduled one. If you had reminded me about it a couple weeks ago, I would have said that we were going to continue our homeschooling, with a small break while we travel for Christmas.
Well......that was BEFORE Christmas shopping (ugh!) crept up on me. I now face a mountain of odds and ends that need to be done.
So I welcome the break!!! And, to be honest, the last couple weeks have not been as strong or focused given that I chose to let us ease up a little given that S was attending preschool three days a week. We'd still have a couple days focused on the core curriculum but on the off days, I let preschool be the main focus. I'd just offer workbooks and theme related books on those days.
But last week was especially difficult for homeschooling. Any free time we had in the mornings (either before or after preschool) were spent on shopping and running a ton of errands, etc.
So by the time we'd get home in the early afternoon, there would be time enough for lunch and/or to get the girls down for a nap.
I will probably still offer workbooks, especially if I put M down for a nap first. But it's nice to know we have a break so I don't have to feel guilty about missing a school day or being slack about it.

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Jessica said...

Ahhh...the flexibility of homeschooling!! Gotta love it!