Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Talking up a storm

M's vocabulary has been growing quite a bit these last couple weeks.
I'd say she can communicate with us about 80 percent of the time. Her words are not exactly clear but we can understand to some degree. For instance, Tae-ha is "sister." Other days we are scratching our heads over a word only to go Ah-Ha! when we are later able to interpret it.
She also understands us pretty well, even though she likes to act like she doesn't a lot of the time!
She is also lots of questions, especially things like "Doing?" as in "What are you doing?" And the dreaded "why," for example, "Eat your dinner, Marie." "Why?"
Oh, the joys. And yes, joys. It is cool to hear her say words and to improve on each word as time goes on.

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