Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas program

Today was the Christmas Children's program at our church.
S did a fantastic job! She really enjoyed all the singing. Her petite size was a blessing, in that she got to be right up front. :)
The little kids sang "O, What a Special Night," which is a song about the animals in the stable who sang a special birthday song for Baby Jesus. Each kid got to wear headbands with felt ears. S was a cow. Our favorite part is when she does the cow movement and sound. It is so gosh darn cute!
The other song was called "Jesus Is Born," which was about how we celebrate and praise that Jesus is born.
During the program, the little kids start filing out after the first verse. But S stayed out by herself, singing as long as she could until one of her class leaders got her to join the rest of the group.
And then, on the way back down the aisle, she is clapping her hands to the song. She says she was doing it because the song told her to. :)
It was a fun time. I give a lot of credit to the Son Harbor leaders who put this together.


td99 said...

That's how it was with Caden. He was always up front for concerts and team pictures. He didn't always like it but it was a blessing for me too.

y0mbo said...

I miss the Son Harbor Christmas program! I bet S was great!