Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas gifts

Tonight we opened our Christmas gifts.
I really enjoyed this special family time because it was fun to see the reactions of the girls and to be focused on them and each other. It was so nice.
The girls enjoyed their toys and books. The big hitters were the rainbow color Aqua Doodle for S and the Crayola Creative Center for M.
S really liked the Aqua Doodle although I think she thought the purpose was to wet the entire mat to get the rainbow colors to show. M loved the creative center, which had its own Aqua Doodle as well as a mess-free finger paint area.
I received the entire DVD collections of Angel and Buffy as well as scrap booking stickers, a Veggie Tales movie and a book!! C got a jacket, sweatshirt, the entire X-Files DVD collection and a Bad Cat calendar.
The calendar was S's pick, which was so sweet because when she was about 1, I'd gotten C one of those calendars and he and S would laugh and laugh at the silly looking cats. She loved them! So to see her pick it out for him just made me wonder if she recalled that time. I am sure C and the girls will have loads of fun with the latest Bad Cats.

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