Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello! I'm back!!
It's been busy since I posted last. I knew I wouldn't be posting anything Christmas week given holiday travel and all but this week has also been busy with various other things that blogging was the last thing on my mind.
Christmas was enjoyable. Travel wasn't too bad, despite some snow on the first day. And the girls did well on the road trips.
We went to MN for Christmas Day and celebrated with my sister and parents. My brother could not make it because of reasons ranging from hassles with airlines to being scared away by the weather. That was super disappointing because I was looking forward to having all the family together. But we still enjoyed the visit. And the food! The holidays sure do bring out a lot of stuff from goodies to yummy comfort foods. We enjoyed tamales for Christmas breakfast and my sister even made a delicious turkey for Christmas dinner.
Then we went to Medford to celebrate Christmas on the weekend. With the whole gang together it made for a lot of presents under the tree! The girls had fun playing with their cousins and I got to do a little reading. :)
C took two weeks off so we enjoyed some time around the house and doing various odds and ends this week.
New Years was quiet, just how I like it. We could have gone to a friend's house but we decided to chill here. We are home-body's. We ate some yummy finger foods (it's sort of become a tradition) and then got in cozy PJ's and watched WALL-E while eating brownies topped with mint chip ice cream. Yum! C and I stayed up til midnight but we missed the ball drop because we were watching something else.
Today we went to Wausau to visit his best friend, who we have not seen in a year. It was good to re-connect with them. And the girls had new friends to play with.
We have the weekend to enjoy although I do have to face cleaning and getting things back into order before next week. It's weird because it actually does feel like I've been on vacation too, of sorts.
Life will get back into routine next week. I've got two deadlines for two different publications. And, God willing, our radio show will be picked up and we'll have all three hostesses present.
We will resume homeschooling. This "semester" we will be doing some things differently. I think we'll do a review next week and then get back into the curriculum. I think we left off at P. I still plan to teach S one-on-one but I may do it in the morning on the core days, which I'm moving to Wednesday and Thursday, which are days without anything scheduled.
S resumes ballet next Friday. We are also going to enroll her in a preschool artist class in February.
I plan to enroll M into a tumbling class through the parks and rec department. That should be interesting because I think the class that will work for our schedule is an early evening one. So that will be an interesting adjustment....balancing the class with dinner and bedtime. Good thing that the class is only once a week and for a few weeks.
Later in January our church's mothers group resumes, which I am totally looking forward to. I've decided not to take a class through another church. Instead I think we will join a playgroup at a local family resource center. We will continue story time at our favorite place.
Also, potty training looms for M.
And I am considering enrolling both girls into swimming but I'm thinking that could be a late spring class and, even then, something on the weekend.
So definitely back to normal. Sounds like a lot but it isn't really since most of the stuff happens three days a week. Plus we enjoy it and it will help us from getting cabin fever. :)
Now I am just praying for a healthy New Year!

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