Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friendship Bread

A couple weeks ago, I was given some starter batter for Amish Friendship Bread. I haven't seen Amish Friendship Bread since I was in high school and my mother was making it with her friends!

So this time around, a friend "gave" some to me because she did not intend to make it. Not enough time, she said.

OK. I decided to give it a go. I had to add some more ingredients to the bread and then divide it into four bags. There was batter in the bowl yet, which I was able to then take and make into bread by adding yet more ingredients, including vanilla instant pudding mix!

The bread came out real yummy. I was pretty darn proud of myself.

I was concerned on who would take the other starter breads. Thankfully I had a lunch date with some ladies from church, who took the bags off my hands!

AND I gave a bag back to my friend who originally gave me a starter bag! I haven't heard if she ever got around to making it. She swore then that she was going to get another starter bag to me. Ha!

Another friend of mine said she and her friends had a nickname for this Friendship Bread. Wish I could remember because it was pretty funny.

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amyb said...

Hey Linda,
I think Jill refered to it as Amish Enemy bread. I baked the bag of starter you gave me. It didn't go so well. I tried putting some in a muffin pan, but I must have over filled those because the tops were a little over done and the inside super moist. The remaining batter I put in my only bread pan, I think the pan was too small. Part way through baking it started erupting like a volcano onto the bottom of the oven. We still ate the muffins and the bread that baked in the pan. The kids and Jim both said they liked it. I will need to be more careful this next time to not over fill my pans. I think I read you could also use a bundt pan, which would hold more batter. Someone also told me there are other variations using different pudding flavors. I still need to find someone to pass the other bags onto. Thanks for sharing it with us, the boys were thinking of frieds to share it with and Sylvia and Marie were mentioned. Ha, would you like more starter? Just kidding.