Thursday, January 29, 2009

Future quilter

This week we focused on the letter Q. We talked about Queen and read and talked about Queen Esther. Then we talked about Quilts. I found a great craft on-line so that S could make a paper quilt block. On her own, she colored each piece. Some were solid colors and others had circles inside, framed by a color. Turns out that we were then able to make a pattern based on what she colored!

She had fun putting it all together. Maybe when she gets older we can try to make a quilt. I will, however, need to call on my close friend A for pointers!! She makes amazing quilts!

I am looking forward to R next week, and not just because I put that lesson together! One of the activities I found was a Rocket Day, in which we do all sorts of activities to pretend we are astronauts in space! And maybe I can find some freeze dried ice cream!
Like how S drew a person "sleeping" under the quilt. :)

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