Thursday, January 8, 2009


"M, tell us a joke."
"Time....Dog....Whatever." (followed by peals of laughter.)
M continues to amuse us. Lately she has picked up a family trait: humor. The joke she likes to tell comes from her sister: What did the dog say when he bonked his head on the door? Whatever!
M loves to hear jokes and will tell them. She also likes to make funny faces and laughs for silly reasons.
She is a riot! At 2-years-old she is outgoing, independent, independent and fiercely spirited!
She is like a sweet-tart. You take a bite, enjoy the sweetness and then BAM! The tartness hits you between the eyes, making them water.
The other day I ran across a Christmas letter from 2007. Here's what I wrote about M:
"She seems to be advanced in so many areas. Likely she is just trying to catch up to big sister! M is walking, which is just what she needs so she can get in to everything! She is such an angel but she can be such a mischief maker! And she has such a spirit! The coming years promise to be interesting!"
And it was! This second year is more about independence and spirit. SO many new things to deal with!! She keeps us on our toes, that's for sure! Let's see what this next year will bring!!!

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