Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bringing back the childhood memories

Given the frigid temperatures this week, I decided my family needed something to warm their bellies this morning. So I made CoCo Wheats, a cereal I have not had since childhood! I remember as a child scooping cold CoCoWheats from the pan.

It was SOOOO good and SOOOO easy to make! Yum! And with a dollop of RediWhip.....mmmmmmm!

M enjoyed it the most. S said she liked it but she was slow to eat it, which is typically a sign. And when asked if she'd eat it another time, she said no.

More for me!


amyb said...

I have been thinking the same thing. Not CocoWheat exactly, but homemade applesauce or TacoSoup. Something warm and yummy!

Jessica said...

I bought a box of this a couple years ago. I thought the same as you, something warm and chocolatey! And I also ate mine with a spray of Redi-Whip (that stuff is the best, I just need something to hold it up!). Unfortunately, the kids and Ted didn't like it AT ALL, and it makes SO much that I never did make it all the way through the box before I had to throw it away. *Sigh*. You know how I feel about wasting food! I just wish they sold smaller boxes, since I'm the only one eating it!