Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Boys beware!

The girls have really been into dressing up. It's like a switch went on in them. For S's birthday, Grandma and Grandpa got her a dress-up trunk with three princess dresses and matching crowns, wands and necklaces. It was a nice addition to our small collection of dress-up clothes (garage sale finds like old costumes).

We got the trunk in mid-November and the girls played with it once in a while.

But, like I said, it was like a switch went on and now they, M especially, want to dress up ALL THE TIME. On Jan. 1 we went to visit friends who have a daughter a couple weeks older than S. L was wearing a dress and her mother said that she was really in to wearing dresses this winter. Funny, I told her, because the girls were like that last winter; always wanting to don dresses after nap time.

Well, a certain pair of little ears must have been listening, because the next day, M woke up asking to wear a dress with necklace and crown and ballet slippers.

And so it began. Now she thinks she needs to wear dress-up clothes every day. And will even have a fit if she can't wear one.

And now it seems that any little friends who come over will be asked if they want to play dress up. And that includes boys. We had a little friend over and the girls got him into a dress, dress-up heels and a crown and wand.

I don't dare post any pictures of him (of course I took some!) but it sure was cute to see all of them running around and dancing. I will gladly give his mother copies though so she has something for when he graduates or even gets married. :)


Amber said...

He was a pretty little boy, you have to admit that :)

Jessica said...

Our girls dress up ALL the time, too! In fact G would prefer not to wear regular clothes at all. She gets dressed upstairs and then comes down and immediately changes into dress-up clothes.