Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dad of the Year

I love to watch C with our girls! He goofs around with them, plays all sorts of games with them and just wants to be with them. He is also a firm father, willing to stand his ground while one of those girls tries to wrap him around her finger. And he has the typical frustration moments but tries, like all parents who experience failures and successes.
This weekend, he and S enjoyed a game of dolls. She loves to play dolls with him. I have to hand it to him that he is able to play dolls with her again and again. It can be a little trying, given that she likes to control the story and how your doll is going to talk or act.

But it is fun to see her imagination at work. And to see C's patient participation. Way to go, Dad! (And yes, this blog will embarrass him but he is such a great, loving, wonderful father. I am so blessed! And I know the girls will have such loving memories of a father who is a father.)

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td99 said...

That's too cute! My husband insists he'd be a good girl-dad too but I can't see him doing anything like that.