Saturday, January 24, 2009

A day at home

Life likes to clip along here. So it was a relief to see a free day with all of us home!
A little housework and cleaning was in order for the morning. But then I wound up sitting on the couch reading to the girls. Eventually C joined us. Then, inspired by a Blue's Clues book that we got for free from a raisin company, we decide to make a fruit salad.
I cut apples, oranges and bananas while C peeled a grapefruit. The girls tasted some apple and watched the process. S got a chance to peel an orange. They both added raisins. M added the grapefruit and got to stir the whole deal up. It was a very tasty treat!!
Later I made a delicious carrot cake for dessert at dinnertime. And for dinner we got to use our new meat thermometer. I found a super easy and delicious recipe for a pork roast. (a mixture of cinnamon applesauce, brown sugar and ginger poured over a two pound pork roast.) Honestly I don't make many roasts in the oven, instead relying on the crock pot for roasts and recipes that call for ground beef, chicken or other simple proteins. But this recipe sounded super easy so I decided to give it a try. We got the meat thermometer for Christmas. It's one of those you stick the probe into the meat and leave in during the cooking process. You can monitor the temperature of the meat on a display you leave on the counter. Sweet! And the roast came out at the right temperature and nice, tasty and juicy.
We have leftovers, which C may toss on the grill for dinner tomorrow. Can't wait!!

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