Sunday, January 18, 2009

Merry Maids

One of my favorite household tasks is vacuuming. And it's is especially fun when the girls "help." We turn on some loud music and then go to town. The girls mostly like to dance but they also like to vacuum their rooms and other areas.
That makes me desperately wish that their toy vacuums actually worked! That would be SO nice! S's little Dirt Devil is supposed to pick up some stuff but half the time it doesn't work properly. It's funny because S will then bang on the thing to get the motor to kick into gear. She didn't pick that up from me! My Dyson Animal works like a dream!

I'm glad the girls like to help with vacuuming and other cleaning. They even wash windows! Such good helpers! I pray this willingness/eagerness/desire to help continues as they get older!

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