Saturday, January 31, 2009

Free groceries!

Today we took advantage of a deal at a local furniture store, netting a new dining room table and four chairs and a certificate for $500 worth of groceries!
Basically for the next 20 months, we buy groceries every month (at the same store), submit up to $100 worth of receipts and then get a $25 gift card per month. Pretty interesting concept. So, of course with coupons and store sales, wow! Imagine the deals and stock!
I am also pretty excited to be getting a new dining room table! :) Ours was worse for wear before we had human kids! We bought it back in '99 or so, when we were in North Carolina. The cats, our kids then, scratched it up some, especially when they used it as a launch pad! They would sit on the table in order to look out the kitchen windows. So when they wanted to get off the table, they would take off. Or sometimes, if they were going at a full run, they'd jump on the table and slide for a little bit.
And then my DH decided to use it as a saw-horse so the table has a couple chunks missing! It's been around a while, especially considering that we'd been in five different houses! As C says, it's the only table our family has known. And, truth be told, we didn't use it much until we had kids. When we get the new table this week, the old one will go into the basement, to be used in my "craft corner."
Getting a new table was one of those things on "Our List." The need has come up now that M is sitting at the table with us. She is still in her high chair, which has been lowered to table height and the tray has been removed so she is eating from the table. But eventually she will need her own chair. Oh, yeah, we only have three chairs as the fourth was broken somehow.
So the grocery deal made it enticing to get a new table. We had thought to get a new mattress too but shopping for that will HAVE to be done without kids. The girls were OK at the furniture store but S wanted attention and M, although in the umbrella stroller, tired quickly of sitting in it. And it was tight to maneuver the stroller around the store at times.
How does one shop for a mattress anyhow?? In my opinion you really don't know how it will work until you've had a chance to "sleep on it" for a while. But it seems to be that you can't simply return a mattress after a couple weeks. You almost have to take your chances that what feels right or OK on the showroom will be the same way when you bring it home to sleep on for years to come!

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Jessica said...

When we bought our mattress (when we got married, before we moved), it came with one free "readjustment", which I think basically meant that they took it back to the factory and maybe inserted more fluff or something...

Yeah, shopping for mattresses is really hard! They are NEVER the same as you thought they would be, it seems!