Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More deals!

I think I am starting to get a hang of this couponing thing. I went to the grocery store and spent about $40 on two transactions with a total of over $40 in savings with sales and coupons!!
I had to remind myself to do two transactions to, as the cashier remarked, get the best bang for my buck since today is double coupon day!
Some of the items I saved on: store brand cheese (99 cents); Pillsbury Savorings (2/$6, minus 2 $1 off coupons, which were doubled); baby carrots and hamburger buns were B1G1; Totinos Pizza rolls (2/$5 minus a $1/2 coupon, which was doubled); and Romano Macaroni Grill meals were on sale (2/$7) so I got to use two coupons for $1.10 off! I also took advantage of the boneless, skinless chicken breast sale. I bought a couple packages that will go right in the freezer, unless I decide to cook them up right away to save some time in the future when making meals.
I also made sure to steer clear of the cashier I had last week because I had Internet coupons in my pile. I don't think he would have been happy to see me again!
The cashier I had today was AWESOME! She didn't bother to scan the Internet coupons, instead just typing them in by hand! So easy! Why couldn't the guy do that last week?? And she made sure to point out that I had a B1G1 opportunity. The bag lady was also very good in bagging everything up right.
All in all another good shopping day!

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Jessica said...

That's AWESOME!! I'm so proud of you! It does sound like you are getting the hang of it. Lately it's been hard for me to wait until Ted gets home at night for me to go shopping. I just get so excited for double coupon day!! ;-)
BUT, it's a LOT easier to do without the girls, that's for sure!