Sunday, January 4, 2009

Music lovers

Over the years, we've grown quite a collection of CD's. This is especially true in the children's music department. We love to give the girls CD's as gifts.

Yesterday, my loving husband had an OCD moment and decided to reunite CD's with CD cases, etc. We had many of the kids CD's in one CD case so the music was easily accessible to the girls. Also, I tend to put two CD's in one case.

It was an evening project that went from his original find a CD to play for the organizing first the kids CD's and then our music.

Eventually he also decided to do some rearranging by moving CD's into "ours" and "theirs" groups. Now the girls have their collection in one place in the play room and we've got our CD tower in the family room.

Sadly, we don't listen to music as often as we used to. Mostly we listen to the kids CD's or the radio. So I don't know what is going to become of our tower of music. Maybe we'll start listening to music again. It was fun to see what we had so I can see pulling some oldie but goodies out.

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