Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Music is my life

I love music. I love music to meditate to. I love music to dance to. I love music that moves and inspires. I love music for praise and worship.
I recall as a child listening to Oldies and Classic Rock. I went through a hair band, rock-n-roll phase; due to a boy, of course.
My first concert was when I was a junior high student. It was a Carmen concert at the Rosemont in Chicago. I remember singing at the top of my voice that "our God is an awesome God." Sadly, I did not understand what that all meant as I was growing up. But now I do and so my songs of praise are truly heartfelt.
My second concert was a Yanni concert. I know. Hardcore. But it was AWESOME!
So I've been super excited to have access playlist.com, where I can share my music pics on this blog.
Yesterday I added some great pieces. The first song on the play list is from The Lord of the Rings and was the song that I used as my "wedding march." Talk about moving music! I tear up every time I hear it as it reminds me of that glorious day!
The second song is from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe movie. The third song is from Prince Caspian movie. And the fourth song is U2's Beautiful Day, which was another song we played for our wedding; after we were pronounced husband and wife.
I've left my other picks on the play list and added some songs from Riverdance. I love Irish dance (wish I were that talented but I'll have to settle on just watching) and Celtic music as well.
I really hope you get an opportunity to listen to the songs. Enjoy!

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