Sunday, January 11, 2009

The heat's on!

It was 20 degrees Sunday night while my hubby was outside grilling up some tasty burgers.
Yes, outside on a January night, grilling as if it was a hot day in July. He even had a beer in hand. But at least he was properly attired for the winter bite with a thick flannel coat and Green Bay Packers hat.

My menu for today called for burgers for dinner. I decided to use the Omaha Steak Burgers I'd gotten for a STEAL back in October.

C decided to fire up the outdoor grill to cook them. OK. That sounds great! Plus I didn't have to cook. :) I didn't think it was too crazy of an idea. And it seemed to be the thing to do given the Rose is Rose comic in today's paper.

We also decided to grill up some onions. C suggested putting the raw onion rings, seasoned with Kosher salt and topped with a few pats of butter, into a foil packet. Boy! Did those turn out AWESOME!! WOW! What an unexpected treat! They were sweet and just oh so yummy!

Add those babies to the burgers and it was an excellent meal!

I've never had Omaha Steak Burgers before. I thought they were very good although, honestly, it was hard to tell if it was because of the burger themselves or the Lawry's Seasoning I used. C thinks they were a better quality of burger.

Sadly, I could not finish all of my burger but we have leftovers for tomorrow. I just wish we had more onions but C polished those off.

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y0mbo said...

I did that once when lived on McDonald street. I tried to be efficient, though, and sbowblow at the same time. I ended up charring The Wife's steak. And when I say "charring" I "mean burning to a crisp".