Sunday, November 2, 2008

The birthday aftermath

We survived another birthday party! Whew!

The party was a hit. We had some of S's friends over, as well as a couple siblings and parents.

The kids were interested in the toys in the playroom so my planned games went out the window. But that was A-OK for me because it made it more relaxed, etc. The big hit was decorating mini pumpkins. I pulled out some foam stickers of Halloween shapes, bugs and flowers and the alphabet, which kids took to put their name on the pumpkins.

After lunch S opened presents. She got some wonderful art related items, a doll, a puzzle, stamper markers and notepad, a Dora DVD and a little backpack with a jump rope, chalk, a yo-yo and other goodies.
The cutest thing was when the boys picked up the discarded wrapping paper after each gift. Sweet!

I think everyone had fun. I know S did too.
Now we have a month to rest before the house is filled with more kids as we celebrate M's 2 year party.

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amyb said...

It was a wonderful party. I commented on the way home too, what a relaxed party it was. With the many little ones it could have been crazy, but it wasn't at all.
Thanks for inviting us!