Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sick Day

C and I are both sick. I don't think we've even been sick at the same exact time.Yesterday was weird because he came home early from work with some symptoms. Later that night, I had the same ones. It's been an experience, trying to get better with two little ones around. It's been a bit of a tag-team effort as far as caring for and being with the girls go. Obviously we don't want to get them sick again. (They are both getting over colds, although M still has a cough but it's not the croup like stuff she had over the weekend.)Last night I rested on the couch after dinner while C tried to play with the girls. We tried to get them to bed quickly so we could rest. Thankfully the girls slept through the night. Or at least I did because I didn't hear anything! This morning C let me sleep in. He's been napping on and off today. He says he is getting better, although he looks like the dead now that he is up.I seem to be OK, with the exception of the sore throat and cough.A wonderful dear friend is making a meal for us tonight. She called last night to ask a question and when she heard we were both sick she wanted to do something to help. So sweet. We are blessed with the local family we have here. With any luck this will end quickly and we can get our life (and house...the play room looks like it exploded) back in order. And hopefully before we all go stir crazy.

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