Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Um...Um....or something like that

OK. One thing I have learned tonight is that I say "Um" too much. Actually a lot of people do.
There are so many things people do on radio that they don't realize. Lip smacking, um, pauses. Thank God for the wonderful, amazing editing technology!
I'm listening to our demo right now. And waiting to get the honest input from my loving, wonderful, caring, supportive husband. :)
I think it sounds like a good show. I hope people think it's a good show and that they would want to listen to it. I pray that this show would be picked up and, with each taping, our radio speak would improve.
The night went well. It went super fast too. We had fun and learned a lot. Radio is a whole new world. We tried to be relaxed and have a conversation. But it is a little hard when every um and something like that or pause creeps into your talk. And when the time is ticking down super fast.
I plan to pass this demo on to friends for them to listen it. (Let me know if you are interested.) And we might be able to get a temporary link that we can pass on to friends and family.
Keep us in your prayers!

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Amber said...

um.... yeah! I would LOVE to listen to it --- seriously! I can't wait.