Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Table for Four

We have a new person at the dining room table. M has now joined us, although she is not sitting at a dining room chair. (Mostly because we are short one chair.) Instead, C adjusted the high chair, removed the tray and there you have it! Four at the table.
She loves it! In fact, if she could, she would be sitting at a chair, like us. But that will have to wait until we can get a new set (one with extra leaves).

In the meantime, she is a big girl at the table. And she loves to insist on prayer at mealtimes. Sometimes she insists on it a few times during one meal! "Pray! Pray!" she yells, with her hands folded, waiting for all of us to follow suit. So sweet. Even when she insists on praying the fourth time! Maybe she will be like Maewyn Succat, a.k.a. St. Patrick, who prayed 100 times a day, according to the VeggieTales retelling of the Story of St. Partick's Day.

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