Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Too many choices!

I love to go to the library. I have memories of browsing through my hometown library as a child and re-checking numerous favorite books. Later I would climb up into the tree in the front of our house and read my library finds.
I am so glad our girls both love to read as well! I love seeing them surrounded by a pile of books. I love to read books to them. It is so fun to share favorite authors from my childhood and discover new ones.
The issue I have is that there are SOOOOOO many wonderful books in the library! When we go to check out books, we often end up with a bag or two full of books. It is so hard to pick just one book when they all look so good! And I usually can't just write the books down to keep for future reference because that is too time consuming, especially while trying to make sure one active toddler stays in the children's section without destroying it.
I came up with an idea to help people keep track of desired book titles. C has tried chewing on it so who knows if the mad scientist, er, engineer will emerge?
In the meantime, I will just have to try to remember the title or just hope to come upon it another time.

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