Monday, November 10, 2008

Homeschooling update

Despite being sick, last week we continued with homeschooling. Last week was J, with the theme of Jesus and his miracles like feeding 5,000, healing people, how he loves the little children and then about his death and resurrection.
Mostly we did workbook sheets, coloring sheets and reading and discussing the stories.
Over the weekend, S wanted to use a new pencil to write "X" on her own. Not sure why she chose that particular letter but she tried it. It was cool to see the progress on her writing tab.
This week is K, with the topics of Kings and Kites. I think we'll also work on her last name.
Next week, S starts Patriot Preschool, a program offered at a local high school. It is 50 minutes, three days a week for four weeks. I think it will be a nice balance and good classroom and instructor exposure. Plus being with kids her own age.
Since it's only 50 minutes, I am not sure what M and I can do. It's really not enough time to really do much. I may have to find out a new route to the local library and we can hang out there for a bit.

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