Saturday, November 8, 2008

Praying for healing

We're still fighting off whatever has us.
We thought we were on the road to recovery but not so.
C and I are fighting with coughing and congestion issues. S complained tonight of ear aches. One of her eyes looks irritated too.
M, on the other hand, appears to be improving. Her last flare up with hives was this morning, after breakfast. But after her nap the welts were gone and by bedtime there were only a few red spots on her body.
Thankfully we go to the doctor on Wednesday for S's wellness check. We'll have a lot to tell him! Unless we see him before that!!!
It really bites having the whole family sick, especially with C and I out. It is hard to get stuff done around the house, get the energy to make meals, so forth.
I wish for that magic wand so all the laundry can fold automatically, so the dishes can get clean, so meals can appear on the table, so we have energy to play with the girls.
I just pray we are healthy and well by Saturday. We have company coming over for a birthday party for the girls.

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