Saturday, November 8, 2008


Shortly after S was born we discovered Noggin.
We loved it! It has wonderful, different programming like Maisy, 64 Zoo Lane, Franklin, Jack's Big Music Show, Oswald and more. And it was totally commercial free! In place of commercial were neat clips for things like math, art, music, later cooking and more.
It was also where we discovered Laurie Berkner. S would listen and dance over and over to "We Are the Dinosaurs" and other songs. And, we could always watch the videos on-line.
After a year or two, the programming started to go downhill. The biggest negative was Maisy was pulled off the air. Just gone. No explanation.
Then they started airing more Nick Jr. programming. S liked Dora and all but I kinda wanted to wait until she was a little older before introducing Dora, Diego, Backyardigans and more. Besides, adding more popular shows took the uniqueness of Noggin away. Mainstream shows replaced the time slots for the shows we liked and the network wasn't the same. Eventually we started watching Nick Jr. because S liked Dora and other shows.
It was all sad, really. Again, we liked Noggin because it was unique.
Well, we still tape shows on Noggin to watch. M especially loves Blue's Clues, which is a Nick Jr. show but they air on Noggin.
While watching it the other day, we noticed a "commercial" introducing a new show, Toot and Puddle, which is based on the books by Holly Hobbie.
S and I are excited because we discovered the books at the library. If you've never heard of them, I would encourage to you check out a book for your family. Toot and Puddle are two best friends as different as can be. One likes to travel, the other likes to be a homebody. There are plenty of adventures, abroad and at home with their friend in Woodcock Pocket.
My only concern is that we might not be able to watch the show. The first airing is at 6 p.m. Nov. 16. We only get Noggin on Dish until 5 p.m. Then it converts over to The N, which is a network for teens.
But I am keeping my fingers crossed that Toot and Puddle will appear during the daily line up. It would be refreshing to see a new show.
Yea! I just checked the DISH line up and we WILL get Toot and Puddle. Only we will get it at 4 p.m. on Nov. 17. It's great to see a new show on Noggin.

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