Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Teachable moment

I didn't realize until this morning that I had an opportunity to talk to S about Election Day. Duh! I wished I had planned earlier but, oh well.
I did, however, find some coloring sheets of the U.S. Flag and an activity to discuss the flag. She also colored an "F is for Flag" page and practiced writing "E" with the Bald Eagle on the page.
I also tried to explain that today is an important day because we are voting for a president and other elected people to make important decisions.
I could only find a couple preschool related things on-line to help with the lesson. And I did reserve a couple books from the library: Clifford for President and Otto runs for President.
Maybe next year we'll cast ballots to find out which kind of milk or juice is better. :)
Did you get out and vote? There is still time! And your vote DOES count!! I'd also like to say that I received a call from my brother, checking to make sure I went to the polls to vote. Thanks, bro.

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