Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Giving hearts

I was so proud of S when she helped choose toys that would go into donation boxes. Toys that we have had since she was born went into the boxes. She even gave up some of her dolls, knowing that they would go to a child who doesn't have toys.
M was also a big help, although she enjoyed putting everything into the boxes, or taking stuff out!

I was surprised at how quickly we filled the boxes, although there were some toys already in the boxes (that just hadn't made it out) from when we moved in over a year ago. And some toys came from other parts of the house, having been tucked away into places rarely seen or used. There were also A LOT of stuffed animals, which quickly took up space. I am taking a bag full to the local fire department for kids they encounter during emergencies.

My next step is to divide the toy donations into two or three smaller piles to be taken to places like the Emergency Shelter, Harbor House and Mother and Unborn Baby Care.

Originally I would have taken them to Goodwill as that is a good organization that provides jobs. But this time around, I wanted to spread the cheer to families who probably cannot afford toys or to the organizations that shelter those families.

Given the current economy, I can only imagine that the Emergency Shelter and Harbor House are filled to capacity. And imagine the children in those homes! My hope is they will get some cheer from some new, gently used toys.

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