Monday, November 17, 2008

Ready for Demo

Tomorrow is the big night: we tape the demo for our possible radio show.
Let me say this experience has been fun. We have been meeting over the last three weeks or so, sharing research, planning out the demo and who is going to talk about what. Hopefully, if our show is picked up, it does not take as long to research for a weekly show!
It's not a scripted show, per say. We'll just have an outline of the conversation about the topic and go from there. Hopefully it will sound natural and relaxed on air; just like a conversation between three women who share the same desires: to be mothers and wives and daughters while trying to keep our faith alive in our home, families, lives and ourselves.
So please pray for us (Jill, Andrea and myself) that we make it through the demo; that it gets on the air; that the radio station picks the show up; and that the show glorifies God while providing women with a resource they need to know they are not alone in the day to day and that we can provide some insight and tips and, most of all, a friend to listen to.
Sadly, my throat has been bothering me tonight so I pray that it eases by tomorrow. I'd hate to be clearing my throat constantly during the taping, which could make for a long night!

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Amber said...

I'm praying for you!! Have fun with it - that's the most important part!