Monday, November 10, 2008

When will this end??

We are still sick! When will this end?? I feel like this cold just keeps going around and around and around. It's one thing for one of us to be sick but for ALL of royally stinks!
S and C have pink eye. C still has chest congestion but he says it is getting better. S also has an ear infection in her left ear.
I am OK during the day but at night I tend to cough or feel congested.
M seems to be OK but it's hard to say how long that will last given all the stuff floating around here!
We are taking the precautions to try to keep the germs at bay: hand washing, covering our mouths, and the like. And I am trying to keep the house clean. Lord knows the washer and drying have been running non-stop with all the linens and clothes. But there is still more cleaning that should be done. We just don't have the energy or time. And, really, I'm not concerned about the pile of dishes or the pile of clean, unfolded laundry. I really want to tackle the germs so I wipe down and spray areas.
Maybe we need one of those tent things to cover the house. And then we could get some healthy fog stuff to clean the house and us of this sickness. Maybe we need something that will zap everything and make us all better.
We keep praying for health. Pray with us!

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