Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Going down the tubes!

I used to be a fan of Grey's Anatomy but I'm ready to jump ship and focus on shows that I actually enjoy!
Last Thursday's show was a BOMB! My jaw was on the ground the whole time. I cannot believe some of the things that they were doing on the show! Seriously??? Unbelievable!
No. I think enough is enough. I think.....
I think I keep watching maybe with the hope that this night the show will return to its first season shine. Last season it was clear the show was starting to go down the tubes. I had hoped that wouldn't be the case. But this season is proving me right.


Joe N Cognito said...

Perhaps a spin-off, like Grey's Lobotomy, would appeal to the straggling ex-followers of this fine program. Vicarious living through hospital-based soap-operas... the American past-time.

td99 said...

I heard this is Erica Hahn's last show this week. I didn't like that whole Erica/Cali thing. I only watch two shows all week and this is one of them.