Saturday, October 25, 2008

52 pages

No, that's not how many pages I've read in one of my many books. Although I wish! But I'll get through those in time.
Just like I will complete yet another scrapbook all in due time. Today was Croptoberfest, an event sponsored by my Creative Memories friends.
During the 12-hour!! event, I completed a total of 52 pages for S's current scrapbook.
That's a lot of pages! Basically, I've complete last November through this May.
I love all day scrabooking events. (Although I can honestly say my back, backside, legs, caves and feet are very sore from sitting and standing, alternately, all day!)
All day scrapbooking is a perfect time to get a lot done. In addition, I can socialize with my friends and enjoy some yummy goodies!
I also like it because I can bounce ideas off friends and take a trip down memory lane.
My goal was to complete through this August. But we did have to stop for meals, which were provided. And I got a 15 minute chair massage, which would have been nice to have again toward the end of the night.
I really liked the pages I did in this book, especially the ones of S at ballet. Oh, and the cover page. And the zoo pages. And the page of her and C. And....well, they are all good. I love it! I think she will love it too. Today, before I went to the event, we stopped at Hobby Lobby to choose out paper and stickers for her book. I was able to use many of them.
I am eager for next month's regular crop (only 6 hours long), during which I hope to finish S's book. Then in December or January I hope to finish M's current book.
Which means I could be caught up come Memoranza, which is in the spring. Well, I could be caught up with the girls' books. So I could potentially work on our honeymoon: our trip to Walt Disney World in 2004!!

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Jessica said...

That's awesome! I wish I did scrapbooking...and an all day event sounds like the way to go! Because normally it takes so long to get everything out and lay out a page (and I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so everything has to be just so), and by then naptime is over! So I just don't do it...
Did you consider posting some pictures of a few of the pages or something on your blog? I'd love to see some!