Monday, October 6, 2008

Home School

Over the summer I joined up with a friend (and it later turned into a co-op) to teach our children preschool. My friend wrote a majority of the curriculum and I was able to help out with a few parts. For me, it was an amazing experience! I found so much on-line and there is more I could do, if I so desire.

Well, good thing there is a lot out there because S is a little sponge! We're been working on it for six weeks now and she is so eager to learn! She loves her home school time, which takes plave after I put M down for a nap.

We spend about an hour on home schooling, when S does workbooks, worksheets, activities, crafts and more.

S wants to do something every day so I've had to expand our curriculum, which is a letter of the alphabet each week. We have themes like, for this week, frog and fish. I focus on the core curriculum themes on Mondays and Wednesdays. On the other days of the week, I might expand on the topic or find other themes, like numbers, colors and shapes. I've also been able to incorporate Biblical lessons, thanks to a variety of Web sites where I can get Bible verses, coloring pages, activities and more, again with the focus on the letter of the alphabet we are working on.

We've also been on field trips with our co-op group. So far we've been bowling, to the pet store and the apple orchard. It's a fun time for the kids, and us moms too!

People have asked me if I plan to go beyond preschool. Right now, I say no. Preschool might be enough for me and then I will send her on to school. But I can't say for sure. She won't be in kindergarten until she is nearly 6 so we've got some more time to home school. So we'll see what is in store down the road. Right now I am having fun. S is growing and learning and is amazing us with how much she picks up on things.

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