Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall fun

Autumn weather is back in the forecast!

This past weekend we had temps near 80, which, in my opinion, is crazy!
Autumn should be crisp temperatures, yet with the sun shining in a clear, bright blue sky.

It was weird to have an October weekend with warm, shorts-wearing weather.

But we took advantage of the weather to be outside, raking leaves in the front yard. The girls helped Daddy put together a bug pile, which of course, was made for jumping! It was fun to see them play int eh leaves, throwing them in the air and getting covered with leaves.

Our tree has lost much of its leaves since the weekend so the girls are anxious to make another pile.

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Dark_Angel said...

Thanks Nina for the pics of the girls. Adorable. I love the pics! Very colorful!! X D Take care!