Thursday, October 30, 2008

Four years ago

Four years ago, probably at about this time of the evening, our life changed.
I was 9 months pregnant and woke up in bed. I hadn't been asleep for too long but something woke me up. I waddled over to the bathroom and gush! Wetness all over! I was certain I wet myself but, after a call to the doctor's office, we were on the way to the hospital.

After a sleepless night of nothing major, I was induced in the morning and labor began.

C and a dear friend were with me every step of the way. Labor picked up about mid-morning and, for some reason, I decided to see how things would go without drugs. Oooooh! It was tough at some parts and even meds to take the edge off were not helpful.

Finally I asked for the epidural. Once I had it, the baby dropped and it was time to push.

S was born after 3 p.m. We were overcome with joy at the tiny bundle in our arms.

Fast forward four years. She has blossomed into a beautiful butterfly. She is smart. She is fun. She is silly. She is creative. She is such a joy. She is a wonderful and caring big sister.

We are excited to see what the coming years bring. Will she be a ballerina at center stage? Will she be an artist? Will she be a teacher or a doctor?

Whatever comes, we pray she always keeps God in her heart, that she follows in His ways always. And that she never forgets to smile and dance like no one is watching.

Happy birthday, pumpkin pie!

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Joshua, Kara and Mihret said...

Happy Birthday, S, from Mihret and her mommy and daddy! We were out of town this weekend but wanted to give you belated birthday wishes today, when we were online.
The Pattersons