Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Little artist

S continues to amaze us as her artistic skills blossom. OK. It's just coloring in and drawing but it is amazing how much it changes with every passing day! A year ago she drew people as little circles with a small line. We liked to call them lollipop people.

Her coloring in then was all over the page, as should be for a two year old. But she has advanced so much to staying in the lines and even using flesh color for the skin.

A few weeks ago, she began to wake up early. In order to get a little extra sleep :) I suggested she read quietly in her room. But she discovered some coloring pages and crayons in her art desk and thus began her morning artistic ritual. She would color a couple pages in a coloring book each morning before getting out of bed.

Then she asked for plain paper to draw on. I found a sketch pad and she's taken to it like a fish in water. She draws stick figures yet but now she colors shirts and pants on the figures. She recently started adding realistic hair and eyeballs.

It is so amazing to see the changes. Our local parks and recreation department will be offering a preschool drawing class in February so we plan to enroll her.

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Amber said...

S, mmmm, what a sweet heart!! I feel so blessed just to have her in my life. She is so sweet (and smart!) I can't wait to see what wonderful things she will accomplish in her life. She is the kind of personality that warms my spirit (just like her mama!)