Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It worked!

I just spent $1.98 at Omaha Steaks for 5.5 pounds of steak burger!
Read my blog posted last night, which contained this link.
Now I know how couponers feel when they get a great deal. I was shocked that it all worked out and the price I got!!
A couple points: you do have to be patient for the e-mails to come in. In the blog that started it all, some people were saying it took six hours to get the e-mail with the gft card code.
And I would recommend opening the links in separate tabs or windows, just so you can refer back and forth to them as you go through the process.
Another thing, I didn't see my free 12 burgers at check-out initially. Turns out I needed to click on the Redeem button from an Omaha Steaks e-mail, which then credited my account and brought me to the shopping site, where I was able to apply my gift card. I tried the shopping site first and then was about to enter my gift card number but didn't see the free burgers so I back-tracked, which is why it helped to have separate tabs for stuff.
Hope you are able to get in on this fantastic offer. I also read in the blog that started it all that people bought things like steaks and such, again utilizing the gift card and free burger option. Not a bad idea all around but I chose steak burgers because we make a lot of recipes that call for ground beef. I read you can just brown up and break up the patties to use in regular recipes.

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